Why Is a College Education Imprtant to Me

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As a student, I am not confined to learning things inside school. In fact, numerous activities which are done outside of the school either complements or even exceeds the s I learned at the classroom learning in the classroom tends to be theoretical only, with no practical applications. Therefore activities done outside of the room are also helpful in building a well rounded student, ready for university life One example would be sports. Being active in sports helped me mold myself into a student not afraid to try for things and not afraid to lose at some. Dancing created a certain type of confidence within me it also helped me learn to relate with other people. It taught me how to speak with those in power like my friends and teammates, also opposing forces. I believe that these traits are important when studying in universities since students get to deal with different types of persons each and every day. Another is after school playing and talking with friends. I think that your friends in high school would be your friends forever. Aside from keeping the friendship burning, doing after school activities with my friends allowed me learn a lot of things from them. Each of us has different families, lived in different areas in the city, and was treated and raised in different ways by our parents. By communicating, I got to learn many aspects of life that they were willing to share with me. These are things which I intend to bring with me when I go off to college. Universities would also like to know that their students are good in improvising. By camping out, I get to learn different ways of independence. I think this is very important, especially when studying in a certain university would require me staying on a dormitory. The independence and techniques I learned during camp outs would greatly help me in this time I also believe that my attraction to reading books, even for not school related, would help me in my future university years. Reading whether it...
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