Why Our Troops should withdraw from Afghanistan

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Why our Troops Should Withdrawal From Afghanistan

On September 11th 2001 the United States witnessed one of the worst terroristic attacks in U.S history. Nineteen terrorists that were apart of an Islamic group hijacked four planes crashing them into various areas around the United States, committing suicide along with many innocent citizens. Two separate planes hit the world trade center in New York City, while a plane also hit the pentagon as well. This was a huge shock to the American people, and there were many mixed feelings about what to do about this. Many Americans believed that we should go to war with Iraq but in my opinion we should not have. Our troops are still in Afghanistan, and I believe that is not morally acceptable. War serving a purpose other than the protection of ones own country and causing more deaths than need be is not morally acceptable. If by not doing X causes death and suffering of people than we should do X. The Afghanistan war has been going on for about 14 years (2001-present). In the first ten years of this war 6,251 United States soldiers have died and 1695 soldiers have died in this war by or near Afghanistan. Along the lines of deaths, the American soldiers are not the only ones that have died or suffered from this war since 2001 when the war began. Almost thirty thousand Afghan civilians have died as well. That being said, many people U.S or others have died because of this war and because of these deaths many of the family members or loved ones have suffered. If we hadn’t gone to war these deaths could have been prevented, thus by not taking our troops out of Afghanistan and if we had not gone to war we could have prevented the deaths and suffering of many people around the world. That be said we should not have done either of these things. President Obama in June of 2011 announced that he would begin his plan of the withdrawal of the troops from Afghanistan....

Bibliography: http://www.history.com/topics/9-11-attacks
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