Why We Can Not Win the War in Afghanistan

Topics: United States, Special Activities Division, Taliban Pages: 2 (659 words) Published: December 7, 2011
Adrian Iwaskiw
Why we can not win the War in Afghanistan
The most important international challenge facing the United States over the next ten years is dealing with the war in Afghanistan. The war has been going on for ten years and we have gotten very little progress. As days go by more and more American soldiers are being killed battling the unforeseeable enemy. In Afghanistan the United States is most likely fighting a losing battle. The War in Afghanistan can almost be compared to the Vietnam War because of its duration and the type of enemy we are facing. Instead of blaming politicians I think the reason we won’t win the war because of our culture in America. As Americans, we are impatient. We don't want to wait for our meals but rather we go through the drive-thru. We never drive the speed limit. I believe that the reason Bin Laden hides in caves isn't because he's scared to die. It's because he knows we want quick results and, if we don't get them, we will want to quit. So he is basically trying to wade it out until the United States basically gives up and leaves Afghanistan all together. We were spoiled by the first Gulf War and now Americans expect all our fights to be over with in weeks, not years. However as every year goes by we are wasting more and more time their comparable to the Vietnam War. We are fighting an enemy that can not face us in battle. Instead we are fighting radical Muslims fighting a guerilla war. As the war continues more Afghani civilians will join the fight with their fellow insurgents and continue the war until all the Americans leave. Most of the Afghanis want their occupiers to leave and will do anything to leave them alone such as suicide bombings, and attacking their own civilians. Newspapers and television stations support profits and bad news sells. That's why you'll see 100 stories about soldiers dying or killing innocent people before you'll see one talking about the progress our soldiers are making. The...
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