Women in 18 Century

Topics: Childbirth, Poverty, Social class Pages: 2 (402 words) Published: April 16, 2009
Even though they were half way around the world, the life of a woman in Upper Canada was similar to the life of a woman in India. Some of the many things that were common in both lifestyles were marriage, daily chores and children.

Firstly, marriage was a big thing in society. Marriage was not really about love. It was usually arranged in Upper Canada, and it was definitely arranged in India. Marriage only reflected status and effected how the woman lived her life. Social class was a big issue in both Upper Canada and India. Women that were unmarried were pitied and they had to rely on relatives for support. This again falls under the social aspect. Women were overruled by men in both nations until they finally stood up and fought. But until then women were beaten by their husbands if they even tried to speak up to them.

Secondly, women had to carry out duties. Some of the things a woman in Upper Canada would have to do would be, take care of kids, make meals, and help out with farming and normal housework. Women that were in the lower class also helped out other families with farming and harvesting. Richer families had servants to do the work for them. Indian women also took on all the housework duties and farming. Usually back then women were not allowed to work outside of the house.

Lastly, to carry out most of the housework and chores, women were required to have big families and a lot of kids. Children were required to do chores as soon as they could in both Upper Canada and India. Poor families had huge families so they could meet their basic needs for living. Although women were to have many kids, childbirth was hazardous in India and Upper Canada. There was either little or no medical care at all. Only the rich families were able to have midwives to help them give birth. Poor women could not afford midwives so it was much more dangerous and the little facilities were not clean and the lack of proper hygiene methods resulted in many...
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