Women in Prison

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Women prisons have less population than male prisons. Two out of every three women in prison have children. One out of three are pregnant when being incarcerated. There are many debates between the citizens and the community that pregnant women should not be incarcerated. If the women commit the crime, they should to their time. But I also believe in people changing and learning from their mistakes, with the jail programs and rehabilitation to learn from their mistakes and not go to prison in their future.

When a mother goes to prison foster care or a family member will be responsible of the children. Depending on the sentence of the mother and the age of the children. The children are most likely to lose contact with their mother, which may cause stress, depression, and heath issues to the mother. Statistics say women in prison are more than likely had a child under the age of 18, on welfare, and did not finish their education. Also may have been abused as a child or has been in an abusive relationship. It is also said that the children of the incarcerated women will also be incarcerate also and follow their mothers steps from lacking their mothers care and nurture. There is a big deliberation about if pregnant women should be incarcerated or not. Pregnant women should be incarcerated for the crime they did, regardless if pregnant or not. I also believe they can get help in a rehabilitation center or programs to make them a better person. It also depends if the crime is a mistminor or a felony, if it’s a mistminor they can get probation or house arrest. The doula project is to support pregnant women who will give birth while incarcerated. They provide emotional support for the mother who is about to give birth. They give support during birth and to the time the mother has to let her baby go.

A jail in Illinois has started a program called The moms with babies programme allowing pregnant inmates to keep their newborn babies with the for up to two years....
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