Women of the Bible: Sarah

Topics: Abraham, Childbirth, In vitro fertilisation Pages: 2 (639 words) Published: December 1, 2013

The woman I chose to write about that interested me is Sarah. Sarah is the first of barren women in the bible. She is very beautiful, so beautiful in fact that her husband Abraham passed her off as his sister. Sarah didn’t have a child until she was ninety-nine years old. So in order for Abraham to have children Sarah gives her handmaid Hagar to him to conceive his child.

Sarah’s world greatly differs from the one we live in today. One being that majority or people today are not openly religious. You don’t hear people talking of promises God has given them, nor does anyone say that they have conceived without the help of a man. Today we have a vast amount of technology that can help women who can’t conceive. Traveling is much more advanced than in Sarah’s days. Women, who are considered beautiful, want to show off their beauty. The men that they are with today wouldn’t try to pass them off as their sister; they want to “show off” their girlfriend’s or wife’s beauty. Women of today would definitely not be giving another woman to their husband to conceive a child. Well most women, there are a few exceptions but that’s a different subject. Also a lot of the women today wouldn’t be willing to stay with someone who is sleeping with someone other than us. Now day’s women are advised not to have children after or close to 40 and Sarah was 99 when she had her child.

Some similarities are Sarah like a lot of women would be highly upset if our husband or significant other was sleeping with someone other than us. Women are still at a disadvantage in some ways, more so in Sarah’s time. In some religions women are still thought of as property.

I believe that she handled the challenges she faced very well. I personally would have been highly upset if my significant other said that I was his sister and not his wife. I would want my husband to be proud that I was so beautiful, and not hide me. When it came to Sarah giving Hagar to Abraham, I feel that it was a very...
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