Wonders of Herbal Therapy: Ganoderma and Spirulina

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Wonders of Herbal Therapy: Ganoderma and Spirulina

When the body does not receive sufficient nutrition, humans experience various types of aches and pains including emotional disorders that can begin to appear. By using herbs to restore a nutritional balance, the body is equipped with what it needs to overcome illness and therefore regain health.


One of the herbs that worked and withstood the test of time from ancient China is known as the wonder mushroom or the Ganoderma Lucidum by its scientific name. As a matter of fact, Chinese medical professionals have recognized this as the highest ranked of all herbs found in the Chinese Pharmacopoeia. The Chinese name for Ganoderma is Lingzhi that means “spiritual potency”. On the other hand, Ganoderma by its Japanese name is Reishi and is regarded as the King of Herbs.

The benefits of Ganoderma can be wide and varied. It primarily works on the body at a cellular level concentrating on cardiovascular benefits, anti-inflammatory effects, immune benefits, blood sugar balance, liver protection, oxygenation and the list never stops. It is wise to remember that Ganoderma is aimed to work on the benefits of a healthy body but not on the disease. Promoting natural immune system helps in balancing the body and in turn treats itself for a wide range of health problems. It has a harmonizing effect where antioxidants neutralize free radicals of normal cellular respiration and metabolism. Inasmuch as Ganoderma provides maximum health benefits, it can be a source for prevention of free radicals that may cause cancer and cell degeneration.


The book wisely quotes Hippocrates who said, “Let your food be your medicine and your medicine your food.” Arthrospira platensis, commonly known as spirulina, is a filamentous cyanobacteria whose cells capture the energy of the sun and photosynthetically produce over 100 nutrients. The name Spirulina is derived from the Greek word “spira” denoting its...
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