Wounded War Veterans

Topics: United States, George W. Bush, Iraq War Pages: 2 (717 words) Published: December 5, 2012
The Iraq war has ended as of December 2011. Osama Bin Laden has been killed as of May 2011 and yet the war in Afghanistan is still ongoing. The jihadist terrorism threat that our nation once feared from Al-Qaeda has diminished. Many question the justification of the United State’s involvement in the Middle East over the past decade. What have our intentions been this whole time and have the lives of those brave military men and women lost been worth the fight? What more do we have to show than an increasing count of American troops’ lives who are lost each day this war continues on. According to the Huffington Post there have been more than 5,000 military personnel who have been killed in action overseas in Iraq and Afghanistan combined. One can only begin to think of the pain and suffering the families of these military men and women have experienced and have had to deal with since their loved ones passing. The cost-benefit analysis of unjust war is difficult to understand for some, especially when the reasoning of intent is dubious. Does the motives behind the United States government stationing troops in Afghanistan make the fact that we have way too many young people who are getting injured in combat daily a justified act of valor? It is a harsh awareness when you realize your nation is putting the lives of it’s military at risk every day for nothing other than what seems to be ulterior motives in an unjust war on terrorism. Beyond the casualties, the sum of those who have been injured with disabling wounds adds up to more than 16,000. Out of that number 1,572 of those disabled are military men and women who have lost a major limb and are now amputees. I cannot imagine getting deployed to a foreign country to fight for my own only to return a double amputee without the capability to walk along with PTSD because of how traumatizing the whole experience was. The cost they pay is by far one of the most honorable sacrifices made to our...
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