Write A Story Ending With This Sentence

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Write a story ending with this sentence, “ Nothing would ever be the same.” The sun blinded his eyes. The familiar medicinal 药的 adj. odour wafted 飘送 into his nostrils. The lumpy凹凸不平的 mattress was still beneath在。。。之下 him. Nelson shifted 移动slightly and the irritating 使人愤怒的adj. sound of creaking吱吱嘎嘎声 metal pierced his ears.The white-washed 涂白的 walls of the hospital ward was his prison. There was supposed to 可以,应该be no pain but yet the stinging激烈的,刺痛的 sensation still plagued (pleig) 使苦恼,折磨him. Nelson forced himself to look at the void空间,空隙,空虚感 – the right leg that was missing. He stared at the emptiness空虚n. on the bed where his right leg used to过去一向 be there/used to lay. The memory flashed straight into his mind and the emotions情感,激动 overwhelmed征服,覆盖 ,+by/with是受不了/是不知所措 him once more. Suddenly, he was back on the ECP, speeding down the length of the expressway with his wife’s arms tightly wrapped around his waist.

On that fateful day of the accident, Nelson had just collected his newest toy – a Harley Davidson motorcycle. It was a mean难驾驭的,脾气暴躁的,出色的 monster on the road. Both Nelson and his wife were Harley enthusiasts对。。。热衷的人. They had made a mutual 共同的,彼此的decision to splurge(sple:dg)挥霍,夸耀part of their savings on the Harley .The purchase of the Harley had injected引入,投入 a new exuberance丰富,生气勃勃的行动 into their lives The loving深情的 couple wasted no time in trying out their new toy. They mounted 骑上the powerful roadster and headed straight for their favourite old haunt常去的地方 , East Coast Park, to relive再体验 their dating days.

Nelson had a rebellious造反的,难控制的streak 气质,倾向in him since his younger days, although it had mellowed变柔和,成熟 over the years;but a leopard never changes its spots本性难移. Nelson revved 使加速the engine and soaked his eardrums in the acoustic听觉的,音响的 sounds of the powerful machine. His wife slapped his broad shoulders playfully to remind him to not get carried away太投入而忘时. As...
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