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its schizophrenia drug , Zyprexa allegedly has on the people who take it . The liability that exists in this case arises from a tortuous act if it is reasonably shown in court that there is a connection between the increased risk to diabetes and other side-effects and the prescription of the drug Zyprexa

As with any case , there are always two sides of the story . The first argument comes from the side of Lilly Corporation which produces Zyprexa . It is basically argued by Lilly Corporation that Zyprexa is a drug that is a breakthrough for many people . Previously uncured mental sickness can now be cured by Zyprexa . This is something that the makers are proud of and they vehemently deny that the drug causes any side-effects in those patients who take their drugs

The plaintiffs , on the other hand , argue that Zyprexa is not the miracle drug that the makers claim it to be . According to the state 's lawyers , Zyprexa , while admittedly curing schizophrenia in patients , has also been linked to causing several other side-effects , among which list diabetes and other diseases . The main point here is that Lilly Corporation allegedly downplayed the side-effects of their drug and did not properly inform the public of the risks associated with the drug As such , they are seeking moral and compensatory damages that could reach the hundreds of millions if the case is decided in their favor

There are basically two parts to this case . The first part lies in establishing whether or not Lilly Corporation did indeed try to hide or downplay the negative effects of Zyprexa . A favorable outcome in this part will mean that Lilly Corporation is liable . This will lead to the second part of the case which focuses on establishing whether or not Zyprexa actually caused the side-effects that has been alleged

No matter what the outcome of the case , however , one thing remains clear , the pharmaceutical business will no longer be the same . The reason for this is that...
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