A-1 Products Finishing Paper

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A-1 Product Finishing
Glen P. Meyerhofer
Concordia University Wisconsin
BUS 130-3: Business Management
December 13, 2011

Dear Bill Burgundy,
I want to start off by thanking you for the opportunity to help determine the future course of action for A-1 Product Finishing. I congratulate you on 13 years of great success in running your company. That is something to be very proud of. I hope can be of assistance to you and your business. You have owned A-1 Product Finishing since 1993 and in the mean time you have grown the sales in the company by 1 million dollars. I think it is safe to say that the growth has not come without setbacks. I believe I have some great ideas for you to explore with your company. But throughout this process of searching for ways to better A-1 Products Finishing, I advise you to stick to what got you here and that was having an open mind and a hard work ethic. A company can never be stagnate and satisfied with its operations. There are always ways to improve efficiency and or production. You stated in your letter that you have a customer base of 300 and no single customer makes up more than 10% of the company’s business. Try signing contracts with already loyal customers and new customers. In the contract state that they will send you all of their painting and powder coating orders/jobs and in return give them something such as free shipping for a month, a discount, in store credit, or a free order limited to a certain dollar amount or size. I see you have some concerns with cost and practical issues on the idea of moving into a new facility. You could try adding an addition to your current plant or build a new facility right next to the current one and get into a new field of painting such as motor vehicles and motorcycles and if that doesn’t work you always have a building as an asset or to move into to expand your current painting and powder coating productions. I believe getting into the motor vehicle and motor cycles field...
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