A War for Drugs

Topics: Pharmacology, Drug addiction, Prohibition Pages: 3 (1042 words) Published: April 7, 2014

A War for Drugs
The media constantly bombards viewers with the so-called “war on drugs”; indeed the issue that many nations face is one of concern. Due to competition among drug cartels, innocent people suffer injuriously; therefore, these nations wage a theoretical war against the spread and corruption of drugs. However, aside from there being a “war on drugs”, it seems that in today’s modern quest for perfect health, or at least prolonged health, the drug industries in the United States (also addressed as Big Pharma) compete to find and sell the next big drug. These drug industries do not wage war against drugs, instead a “war for drugs”.

Nevertheless, what kind of drug is Big Pharma after? According to Sonia Shah, investigative journalist and author of the book The Body Hunters: Testing New Drugs on the World’s Poorest Patients, the longevity of life in the United States has caused an increase of “abundance diseases”—or illnesses related to diabetes, heart disease, or hypertension (Shah). The truth of the matter is that the drug industries now focus on these drugs and compete to sell them. However, this class of competition should be seen as a positive motive—does it not help life expectancy to increase? Indeed, it does. Yet, the problem that has risen has to do with the fact that in the US, people can easily access current drugs or get prescriptions for available medication. With the existing assistance of these drugs, less people comply to the rules of drug experimentation, in fact, fewer than 1 in twenty people commit to volunteering for clinical trials (Shah). This mindset contributes to the fact that eighty percent of drug industry trials fail to recruit volunteers, and therefore cannot put out a new drug to the markets. This is the push. For every passing day that their drug is not at a stand in a pharmacy, the big drug industries lose millions of dollars. Consequently, the industries send contract research organizations (or CROs) to recruit...

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