I am Happy that I am serving my Community

Topics: Health care, Childbirth, Infant Pages: 4 (1336 words) Published: December 22, 2013
 Case Study


Ms. WALLAN Focal Family Village Haji Ahmed
Dars UC Faqeer Abdullah Distt. Umerkot.


I am Ms. Wallan of village Ahmad Dars which exists in south of Umerkot town with a distance of 16 Kilometers. This village consists of 190 households with population of 1680. The major occupation of villagers is agriculture, livestock and labor; hence the cultivation depends on rain fall. The source of drinking water is hand pump and water pond provided by TRDP. The health facility is available only at the distance of 2 Km. “I wanted to do something extra ordinary for my community after getting my education but it remained only my thought for some time and I just got watching how mothers are dyeing during giving birth. The very low immunization ratio in children & mothers in my village and nearby always punched my heart.” The few months back this day came to make my dreams true when TRDP team visited our village and had meeting with males and females for formation of Village health committee. The responsibilities told by the team were to support in Mother and Child health. That was to managed by an educated girl called as Focal Family. A village health committee was formed which selected me as Focal Family. This was a very impressive situation for me in which I was assigned the main role for health problems of villagers. After selection I got a basic 6 days training of lady health workers on health issues and learned each and every thing to address the health issues and to motivate villagers for better health of children & mothers. Now, I am very happy to perform my responsibilities as focal family on volunteer basis. The following role & responsibilities were described in training. Responsibilities of Village Health Committee:

Identification of health issues
Support to FF in Immunization
Mobilize male segment of...
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