I Wish I Could See the Process of Taking Down Bin Laden

Topics: Special Activities Division, Bill Clinton, Osama bin Laden Pages: 2 (893 words) Published: December 19, 2012
The room is silent, the confirmation of the High Value Target (HVT) is in progress, the tension builds, thickening with each passing second, then the radio transmission comes in saying "HVT confirmed, code name Geronimo is killed in action, I repeat Geronimo is KIA." Cheers fill the air, tears of joy fall, it is now time for president Obama to announce the take down of Osama Bin Laden. If I could look anywhere in the world, at any time, I would look at the progress of bringing down Bin Laden. We would start with looking at the preparation time in August of 2010. August 2010. Obama is breifed on the possible location of Bin Laden. The residence of a courier with close ties to bin laden in Abbottbad Pakistan. During this time, a secret excitement fills the president's mind and heart. Consitoring the fact that a seven year manhunt may finally come to a close, giving justice to the man who killed so many on September Eleventh Two thousand two. September 2010. President Obama works with the CIA making assessments with the conclusion of the possiblility of Bin Laden's location being the mansion in Abbottbad Pakistan. As the excitement builds, so does the security around this operation, if any of these plans leak out, we could lose our target for another seven years, and we cannot let that happen! March fourteenth through april twenty eighth 2011. Obama holds a total of five national security meetings on the subject of bringing Bin Laden to justice. That april, obama, beliving the intel to be credible enough, makes final decision of going through with the operation. During this time a secret SEAL team has been training on a look alike compound as the one in Pakastan, that team still doesn't know the name of Bin Laden, only his code name, Geronimo. A strange excitement builds among the seal team, because not knowing the name means the name is of very high value to the country. During training i would run along side the SEALs and see how they made every shot count,...
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