u.s justified in dropping atomic bomb

Topics: Al-Qaeda, Taliban, War on Terrorism Pages: 1 (312 words) Published: December 12, 2013

Many people today could argue their side and reasons on why they think the United States was justified in bombing Japan. But was Osama in Laden justified in orchestrating 9/11? No one in their right mind would support the killing of innocent civilians on 9/11 on the basis of the argument that Osama Bin Laden and his cohort wanted to end the war between radical Islam and the U.S. So why is it acceptable for the U.S. to have incinerated tens of thousands of civilian men, women, children and babies to end the War, when there was a military alternative? The U.S. could have continued the war against the Japanese armed forces instead of targeting Japanese civilians. If the Japanese civilians who were killed are not deemed to have been innocent because they may have supported the Imperialist Japanese Government, then neither was those who died in the World Trade Center or any Americans, because they support the U.S. Government!

Yes, the Japanese did bomb the U.S first but didn’t more than half of the America people tell them they weren’t right for doing it on pearl harbor ? So if their wrong, what makes it okay for the United States? The United states was mad because Japan came to their land and killed their innocent people and destroyed everything that they worked so hard to form, but now it’s suddenly not okay for Japan to be just as upset? It’s not even about who wanted the war to end and who was going to do what! Was killing thousands of innocent women, and children, really worth the satisfaction of being able to say you “won” ? okay sure  Japan did awful things, but America lowered themselves to a incredibly low level with this evil action. And were in no way right for their actions at all.
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